Beach Setup Service

Beach Setup Service

Please see item description for pricing

In order to properly order your set up service please follow these steps: 1. Select your check in date and then the day before your check out as your end date. (If you need set up for more/less than the typical 6 days please call our office) 2. Underneath the calendar you will see the equipment options, please enter the number of items you are requesting to be set up in each individual box.  The pricing displayed includes the equipment rental plus the item specific set up fee. 3. Click the “Add to Cart” box in order to see the total for everything you are requesting set up for. 4. Check out as normal or continue shopping our website for other rental items.

You will notice that all set up orders start with a $60 base fee and then each individual item is added to that for the total set up charge displayed in your cart.

If you have any questions or difficulty with your set up order please don’t hesitate to give our office us a call.

If you wish to have set up for longer than 1 week please call our office to set up the order.

The weekly rate covers 6 days of set up. We begin the set up service on the day after your arrival and then the last day is the day before your departure which typically is Sunday-Friday. Our goal to have everything up by 9 am and then we begin takedown at 5pm.  Unfortunately sometimes we will be forced to delay set up or begin take down early due to storms and/or high winds. Umbrellas may be left in a lowered position due to storms or high winds. Call the office for assistance in opening the umbrellas. Please close all umbrellas when they will no longer be used or will be unattended, if you are unable to close them please call the office for assistance.
In the event that weather impacts our set up service you can check our Facebook page for details.

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All prices are for weekly rentals. How many umbrellas will you be needing?

All prices are for weekly rentals. How many regular chairs will you be needing?

All prices are for weekly rentals. How many tall chairs will you be needing?